Closing In on Closing In

We drove up for a brief trip with a combined goal of meeting with the design/build team and picking up my oldest kid from college in Burlington. While most of the weekend was either cold or rainy, we saw a lot of the build in progress and, more importantly, got to see how the house feels when you are inside it. We could look out the windows and take in the view which, even now in the depths of “stick season” were gorgeous.

The team walked around the house and talked about possible changes now that we could see the space (lowering a wall for the mudroom, plan for shelves in the pantry and library). We also brought back ideas that we had like a second skylight in the breezeway and an interesting wood wall in the breezeway outside of the kitchen window.

Trying to hold meetings with a rampant three year old is next to impossible at the best of times and we tried to get him to do work or stay out of the mud as much as possible. It was rarely successful. Eventually we wore him out.

The view out of the office window is going to be great.

They did a great job with the board-formed concrete porch walls.

By the end of the day, we did some exploring to find a good flat spot in the woods for a campsite.

This week they should be getting the sheathing on the roof and getting it dried in for winter.

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