Chuck delivered with some choice photos yesterday. The weather is getting crisp so having the entire structure sealed up is going to be huge for the team. They put up some sheathing to cover the large gap left where our sliding door will eventually go and added a temporary door.

They also started framing the second floor rooms. It is possible now to get a sense of how the volume of the living space below will look as you look out over the railing. From the top of the stairs, you’ll have a large area below with the living room, kitchen, fireplace, dining area, mudroom and walk in pantry. The rooms upstairs will be the heated storage, large guest room, child’s room, bathroom and office. The rooms downstairs will be easily accessible from the main living area like the library, master bedroom and main bathroom. It’s not a huge house but it should be a good size for us.

This week also saw the team adding Intello vapor barrier and prepare for adding a ceiling. Our schedule has a blower door test somewhere in the not-too-far future to see how well the house is sealed.

The look of the house is starting to take shape. We still have patios and patio roofs to add around the outside which will continue to change the character of the look but they won’t be added for a while. Having patio roofs and the screened porch will define the profile of the house. I can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

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