Winter Progress

We went up to Vermont this weekend to look over progress and meet with the team to make some critical decisions. The trip through our future neighborhood was nice. The roads were snow-covered but with the sand and gravel on the packed snow and ice, combined with our snow tires, it was no problem making it up to the house.

There was a lot going on at the house over the last week, and even into the weekend. Electricians are working on pulling wires and adding junction boxes. HVAC guys are installing the Mitsubishi mini-splits, plumbing guys are running pipe to the bathrooms and hosebibs.

The snow had piled up outside because there are a lot of things that need to happen before they can cover the breezeway. Working outside in 0F weather isn’t pleasant either but once the windows are in, work inside the house will be much more tolerable.

The windows arrived late last week and some were installed before the construction team headed out for the weekend. The windows look incredible and we can’t wait to see what they look like when they’re all installed. After talking to our builder, it sounds like window installation is the focus for the coming week or two. There are a lot of windows and some are very large.

We left this weekend after a long team meeting on-site with the builder, electrician, architect and interior designer and made (or confirmed) a lot of decisions like placement of light switches and outlets, network cable hookups, and colors for paint, roof metal, corrugated steel siding.

Last thing we did was do the testing required for finding a spot to install the Starlink dish which we ordered last week. The internet saga at the house site has been cause for months of worry and concern. I have a large post written up for how the internet access is (or isn’t) getting installed but, since internet is so critical to our lives in Vermont, we went ahead and got the Starlink dish to get us something in case the fiber internet falls through. Hopefully more good news on that front over the next month or two.

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