Cabinets and Railings

This week saw progress but it looked slow because it needed a lot of precision and planning. The long-awaited cabinets arrived from Stark and they were really nice from what we were able to see. They were all unloaded on Wednesday and distributed throughout the house. The last rooms getting built-ins were the kitchen, bathrooms, mudroom, and pantry and they all arrived in this shipment. The reason why this was so important is because all of the remaining major tasks are subsequent to getting the cabinets installed. Once the lower cabinets are put in place, templates for all of the countertops can be created and then the stone can be cut. These are the critical path due to the six week backlog at the tile and granite contractor. Once we get countertops, then plumbing and other things can take place so the glidepath goes through this process. The stone cutters are what is driving the timeline out another month to October.

The laundry room is assembled and is ready for touchups (I assume that will happen once they get the appliances installed).

They started assembling the kitchen right away and reached a decent point by the end of their workweek. There are still some major islands that need to be placed – one near the breezeway door and one in the middle of the kitchen. I think they will need to do the pantry before that since those cabinets are huge, floor-to-ceiling, maple pieces.

Yesterday the metal fabricators arrived and installed the custom railing. It is a perfect shape and we will have to work out the best finish for it this week. The hope is a metallic finish with a patina. We want it to age gracefully over time with a patina of human contact.

This week will see more cabinet installations. I suspect it will take the whole week. Maybe we will get a south porch poured by the concrete company, which would be nice because then we can get the excavators back and finish the majority of the landscaping. I have no idea when they suspect it will be time to pour. The team who prepped it finished their work this week and it is ready for pouring as soon as they can fit it into their schedule.

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