Faster Progress

This week was supposed to start slow but when we went to the site things were in full swing. After getting a surprise concrete pour for the stairs on Friday, the team was pushing everything they could forward in anticipation of our October 1 move in date.

The upstairs bedrooms are very close with light switches, an electric heater (a backup in case of really cold winter days), closet hangers, and ready for a final coat of paint (or touch ups). They are getting close to ready and look good.

Once the countertops arrived, on Wednesday, they were easily set and installed and the group went to work on all of the pieces they were waiting to do – get ready for plumbing next week, install drawers that were being held in a safe spot, put in the range hood, and dry-fit the dishwasher and range.

The bathroom work started on Monday with the team getting set up to install the vanities and prep for the incoming countertops. The countertops were installed and the sinks fit into place but we got a very lucky break with the glass company coming two weeks early and putting the shower glass in the first floor bathroom. They are coming back early next week to finish the first floor and install the glass for the second floor but then that will be done. Huge relief. We were expecting to have to use some makeshift shower curtains or something.

The electrician started installing in earnest this week, including some of the more expensive hanging lights like the Noguchi on the stairs and the Hubbarton Forge hanging light in the main room.

The mudroom is getting sorted out. It’s looking good and the bench is properly reinforced now so we can drink as much Vermont beer as we want and we won’t snap off the bench area.

The views from within and around the house are starting to look pretty good at this point. Next week is going to be crazy. The usual build team, plumbers, painters, landscapers and excavators, electrician, tilers, solar panel installers all on-site at the same time. All of them will be pushing us towards the goal of moving in at the end of next week.

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