• Retrospective 2021-09-24 7:00 PM

    August 2019 Same spot, August 2020 Same spot, August 2021

  • Faster Progress 2021-09-23 6:00 PM

    This week was supposed to start slow but when we went to the site things were in full swing. After getting a surprise concrete pour for the ... read more

  • Closing In On Moving In 2021-09-18 12:00 AM

    As I said before, our current plan is to move in on October 1. The house won’t be done but it will save us considerable money if we get ... read more

  • Plodding Along 2021-09-11 12:00 AM

    The past week was mostly plodding towards the goal of a finished house. It is hard to capture things like new coats of paint and wiring and ... read more

  • Small Change 2021-09-04 12:00 AM

    This week I realized that the weekends have become less jubilant than they once were. Not because I’m no longer working and every day is ... read more

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