Excavation and Builder’s Agreement - Done

We got some photos from our builder of the site as it stands this morning. The driveway entrance has been graded out and cleaned up, widened at the corners and you can see a few trees left there which I like quite a bit.

Below you can see some rocks left there as well and we’re hoping to create some nice landscaping details once the house is completed. I am surprised at how much of the range you can see above the trees and, while I was never big on “views” as a thing I thought I needed, having this as the view from our office windows would be pretty great.

They left us with a collection of rocks that were pulled out during the excavation process. They range from a nice bluish, to purples and reds. We will find some good spots for them. You can see the neighbor’s driveway through the trees and a pond beyond that. The pond property is owned by the folks down the street.

During the early spring the ferns start blanketing that whole area and we are hoping that the changes to the tree line doesn’t curtail their growth next year too badly.

The next shot is our remaining piles of wood, ostensibly to be used for firewood. My plan is, over the next year, to chop those big pieces into smaller ones and have them start drying and seasoning so that they are ready for when we move in. I really wish they hadn’t left that massive tree there because I have no idea what we are supposed to do with it. I blame that problem on my wife who suggested they should leave it and the excavators jumped at the idea since they didn’t want to deal with it. Now we get to deal with it! Cool.

This last picture is the grading heading southeast. The mountain from picture one is behind those trees somewhere. Beyond the top soil piles are the wetlands beyond.

Non-pictorially, we signed the construction agreement last week. It was a slog to go through the legal stuff but it had to be done. I think, in the end, we ended up in a place we are happy with and it trigged a lot of activity on the side of the builder and project manager. Now we await the building schedule and see how we look as far as moving in and scheduling … well basically scheduling the next year of our life.