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We put our house on sale this weekend in PA. This weekend there are scheduled showings and hopefully it sells quickly and for the amount we are hoping for. Selling our house is the single biggest stressor for me during this whole process because some things needed fixing, some needed painting and all of that ran alongside of the pandemic and economic collapse and election. There were times when I couldn’t imagine us being here in this spot and yet here we are.

We had our monthly team meeting with the design/build team on Friday. We discussed some of the worrying blockers and things the project manager and builder are doing to mitigate them so that we can stay on track timing-wise. The interior doors are delayed right now which means that a lot of other things can’t happen yet. The builder is countering this with getting a lot of other plates spinning up so that, no matter which we we go, his team will have stuff to do.

The plan was doors next, then door jambs and the installation of the ash flooring on the second floor. Instead we have ordered materials for:

  • The ash ceiling
  • The screened porch and exterior walkway
  • Shou sugi ban wood for the front and side porch
  • Roofing materials
  • Garage doors

These materials line up tasks that all need to get done but weren’t happening in the old timeline. No matter where we turn over the coming months, we should have a big pile of work we can do.

The roofer may start the roof this week which is huge. He should take about two weeks to get the roof done and then we will slot the solar installer to arrive. It is possible we could be feeding power back into the grid for credits within the next month or two which would be great.

Big month, yup.

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