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Reading List for Building a House in the Woods in Vermont in 2020

Some books we are reading to guide our forest decisions or just learn more about the trees and vegetation (and ecosystem)

“Reading the Forested Landscape” by Tom Wessels
“A Beginner’s Guide to Recognizing Trees of the Northeast” by Mark Mikolas
“The Trees in My Forest” by Benrd Heinrich
“Native Plants for New England Gardens” by Mark Richardson and Dan Jaffe
“Wetland, Woodland, Wildland: A Guide to the Natural Communities of Vermont” by E. Thompson and E Sorenson
“The Walker’s Guide to Vermont” by the Green Mountain Club
“Native Plants of the Northeast: A Guide to Gardening and Conservation” by Donald J. Leopold
“Nature Guide to the Northern Forest: Exploring the Ecology of the Forests of NY, NH, VT, ME” by Peter Marchand
“AMC’s Complete Guide to Trail Building and Maintenance” by AMC’s Trails Dept
“More than a Woodlot: Getting the Most from Your Family Forest” by Stephen Long

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